Harshit Portfolio

This is my Personal Portfolio Website that I build using Next.js, and Express.js APIs.

Next.js | React.js | CSS | Express.js | Vercel

Women Empowerment NGO

This is Women Empowerment NGO Website Name `Chal Naari`, I build this for my Company.

Next.js | React.js | CSS | Express.js | Vercel

Haiwebtech Marketing

Hai WebTech is a Digital Marketing website design that I build using core react.js.

React.js | CSS | Github

Movie Search Website

Movie search website in which all the data comes from the TMDB movie website.

React.js | CSS | Redux | Github

Website Design React

Simple website design that I build using react.js and framer motion for animation.

React.js | CSS | Github

React Simple Movies

Simple movie searching web application built with react.js and TMDB movie API.

React.js | CSS | Github

React Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart project that I build with React.js and Context API with cart functions.

React.js | Context API | CSS | Github

React Simple Blog

Simple Blog Web page built with React.js in which we can select and see blog.

React.js | CSS | Github

Firebase Auth React

Authentication Web App I build using React.js and Firebase for Authentication.

React.js | CSS | Firebase | Github

React Js Weather App

Weather app in React.js in which you can enter your city name and see the weather.

React.js | CSS | Github

React Contact Manager

Contact Manager built using react.js in which you can add and delete your contacts.

React.js | CSS | Github

React Notes App

Notes Taking app built using React.js in which we can take and delete notes.

React.js | CSS | Github